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Thread: Wrigley (Yorkie/M/10yo) – Recent Cushing's Diagnosis

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    Default Re: Wrigley (Yorkie/M/10yo) – Recent Cushing's Diagnosis

    Yes, I would double-check with your vet if that’s possible. On some occasions, we have seen prednisone and trilostane prescribed simultaneously, even though they are “competing” against each other, in a sense. The trilostane aims to lower the circulating corticosteroid level, while the prednisone aims to increase it. Where we’ve seen them prescribed simultaneously is in longer term treatment of enlarging pituitary macrotumors and also in cases of Cushpups suffering from lymphoma. I’ve personally assumed the goal was to be able to maintain a consistent steroid level by adding in the known dose of prednisone while excessive and unpredictable levels of cortisol are kept under control. But since Wrigley is just taking the prednisone for five days, I would have thought the trilostane might have been temporarily halted during that time period. So I do think it’s good to check.


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    Default Re: Wrigley (Yorkie/M/10yo) – Recent Cushing's Diagnosis

    The neurologist and our vet have both confirmed they are good with keeping Wrigley on the Trilostane for the time being. I specifically brought up what you mentioned, and they said something along the lines of: since they know the Trilostane works well, and they are introducing the Prednisone, they want to minimize the number of drastic changes. But Wrigley has shown slight improvement; he still has all the neurological issues, but they seem a little better (i.e. still wobbly but not falling down as much). So the neurologist is going to keep us on all the meds for another 5 days. He got the results from the spinal tap, which unfortunately aren't conclusive. They do show an increase in protein, but the doc didn't seem to think that was a major issue, and they retested for all tick-borne diseases, which came back negative. I should get the full MRI and spinal tap report back tomorrow. And Wrigley will go in on Friday for another renal panel to measure if the Benazepril is helping with the PLN.

    On top of all this, I've been researching his food. Do you all recommend a particular brand or diet? Our vet recommended a low protein/phosphorous/sodium diet for the PLN and wants to prescribe Hill's k/d, Purina NF, and Royal Canin LP, but I was hoping to go a more natural route.

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