Yes, I would double-check with your vet if that’s possible. On some occasions, we have seen prednisone and trilostane prescribed simultaneously, even though they are “competing” against each other, in a sense. The trilostane aims to lower the circulating corticosteroid level, while the prednisone aims to increase it. Where we’ve seen them prescribed simultaneously is in longer term treatment of enlarging pituitary macrotumors and also in cases of Cushpups suffering from lymphoma. I’ve personally assumed the goal was to be able to maintain a consistent steroid level by adding in the known dose of prednisone while excessive and unpredictable levels of cortisol are kept under control. But since Wrigley is just taking the prednisone for five days, I would have thought the trilostane might have been temporarily halted during that time period. So I do think it’s good to check.