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Thread: Is it cushings or not with our blue

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    If his skin looks like any of those pics I would do what I could to get him tested asap. OR I would take him to a dermatology vet if there is one in your area. They will know pretty quick if it is CC or not. CC will get worse before it gets better. The excess calcium is deposited under the skin and will have to work its way out before the condition clears. So what starts out not looking so bad does get worse - but that is how it is supposed to work as the condition is healed. So the MOST important thing right now is to get a confirmed diagnosis one way or the other - time is not your friend with CC; it needs to be diagnosed and treatment started asap to prevent widespread problems. If I were you, I would look for a derm vet in your area if his current GP vet won't get the testing started asap.
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    Hey Larinda, your pictures did make it through to our email box. Later on, I’ll try to transfer them here. Bear in mind that I’ve never seen or dealt with CC personally. But at first glance, your pictures look more like a staph infection that my current nonCush Lab suffered from a couple of years ago. She’d have round areas of yellow crust/goop the size of a penny which pulled out along with a small clump of hair. It left a raised angry red welt behind. It got really bad with multiple lesions all over her back and flanks, but over time we were able to get rid of it with medicated baths.

    Both hypothyroidism and Cushing’s can leave the skin vulnerable to infection. So if it’s infection rather than CC, either disease could be the root cause. But as I say, for sure I’m not a skin expert, and so I’m not able to say for certain that it’s not CC. Like Leslie says, a consult with a derm vet would be ideal. If Blue was mine, I might be willing to wait another week in order to see if you get any improvement from the baths. If Blue is no better, I believe I’d contact your vet to see about a derm consult or to move up the ACTH. As I said above, hypothyroidism does not elevate cortisol. So if Blue tests positive on the ACTH as well as the LDDS — combined with all his symptoms that are consistent with Cushing’s — I don’t see any value in waiting to start Cushing’s treatment regardless of the status of his thyroid. Again, this is just what I’d do with my own dog. But I’d sure hate to see Blue’s skin get any worse if Cushing’s is the cause.


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