I am so deeply sorry for your loss - your post actually helped me today.

I lost my Mojo in May too - May 20th - after a battle with Cushing's for what seemed like an eternity but was really about a year.

My heart is still broken, but I felt really proud of him today after reading your post. He was courageous. He fought with all that he had in his little dog body to stay here with us as long as he could. When it was finally time to give up, he was courageous to the last moment of his life too.

I am so proud of both our fur babies for being so strong and fighting the good fight to be with us. I too am not sure that I will get another dog once my current fur baby follows Mojo to the Bridge, she is 10 and in good health so for now we are relishing every moment. Especially after the emotional roller coaster of the last year battling with Mojo. It's a relief to have a healthy dog for now.

I will miss my baby Mojo every single day for the rest of my life. He was a special boy and the bond I had with him was like no other. Today, though, I am looking at his picture and so proud of him thanks to your message about your boy.

Sending healing thoughts to you and to all of us Cushing's doggie parents who have lost our beloved doggies. Thank you for sharing.