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    Our 11 year old toy poodle has just been diagnosed with Cushings. We are unsure which meds are best for maintaining her happy lifestyle. She is full of life and only symptom is drinking more than usual.

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    Hi Brandywines Mom and welcome to the forum.

    I'm sorry for the circumstances that brought you here but I'm really glad that you found us. We'll do whatever we can to help you and your precious furbaby.

    I have two cushdogs and they have treated with both Trilostane and Lysodren. Both are very effective drugs and when prescribed by an experienced vet and monitored by a vigilant and educated pet owner, things usually go quite smoothly. It is when either of the two are missing that a dog is likely to have adverse reactions.

    Excessive drinking is a symptom of a number of conditions and is not the only symptom that is apparent when a dog is diagnosed. Because so many other symptoms mimic those of cushing's and no one diagnostic test can be relied upon to be 100% accurate, it is a very difficult disease to diagnose. It is one of the most misdiagnosed canine condition too. Overt symptoms and the physical presentation of a dog are huge components of a diagnosis and with your baby having so few symptoms and apparently full of life, she doesn't sound like the normal poster pup for cushing's. Does your pup have a voracious appetite, any skin issues, loss of coat, panting, lethargic, pot belly?

    I will help us provide you with more meaningful feedback if you can please round up all of the tests that were done to diagnose your dog and post the results here? You only need to post the abnormal (high and low) values on the blood chemistry, and please include the normal reference range.

    We have lots of reference material on both treatments so whichever one you choose, I highly recommend that you educate yourself on how it works, side effects to watch for and how to monitor according to proper protocol. I look forward to hearing a lot more about your furbaby and seeing the results of testing.


    P.S. Cushing's is a very graded disease so there is time for you to think about which treatment you feel more comfortable with and also to make absolutely certain that your dog has been properly diagnosed. We've met more than a few members who have come here reeling on the heels of a cushing's diagnosis only to find out on second opinion or further testing that their dog didn't have cushing's.

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