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Thread: Wally P. Dogge 09/27/1999-03/15/2011

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    Default Re: Wally P. Dogge 09/27/1999-03/15/2011

    Dear Marge,

    Sending loving thoughts your's been 6 months since I lost Lena and I feel the same as you. The hole in my heart is still empty, but Sibbles has moved in and doesn't mind being called Lena a lot of times...she must think it's her nickname!
    Joan, mom to my Angel Lena, Doree, Gable, Cooper, Angel Phoenix and now Sibble.

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    Default Re: Wally P. Dogge 09/27/1999-03/15/2011

    Marge, hugs.

    You've so wonderfully expressed how I imagine many of us feel. Gizmo is forever missed, but my heart has been stretched to include other pets.
    Allison and Angel Gizmo

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